Wednesday, 9 July 2008


If this film really does go ahead with all these people involved I may faint from excitement.

Clockwise from top left: Thomas Sangster, Steven Moffat, Tintin and Snowy, Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, Andy Serkis.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Alone on MSN

Antimini says:
Angie says you're there. Are you there? Is she lying to me? Have you blocked me? Do you hate me. Oh dear.
Antimini says:
(yes I know I'm not here but I am really)

Antimini says:
I think probably it's the hate
Antimini says:
It is the hate
Antimini says:
My other brother blocked me on msn you know
Antimini says:
I think maybe he hated me
Antimini says:
He said he didn't after. It was just a phase maybe. He hasn't unblocked me though.
Antimini says:
You're a bit old for a phase.

Antimini says:
I'm appearing offline. But that's alright. That's just normal healthy hiding from people.
Antimini says:
But blocking is mean. Coz it says 'I hate you!'
Antimini says:
Everyone except Angie apparently

Antimini says:
I like appearing offline although I have of course begun to realise that so does everyone else meaning we never actually talk to each other.
Maybe i should just block people I don't want to talk to too. That would be kinda clever I spose. But that only makes sense if other people do the same. Just thinking about myself it makes no difference and I prefer hiding.

Antimini says:
If you don't answer me I will post this on the interwebs.
Antimini says:
If you've blocked me, are you even getting this?
Antimini says:
Oh man I'm talking to myself again aren't I? *sigh*
Ah well. At least the internet is my friend.

Antimini says:
Angielala says:
ADeAdMan - "Go then. There are other worlds than these." says:
when she comes online, the she gets unblocked (i#m actually maybe slightly crazy aren't I (

Antimini says:
like me.


Friday, 4 July 2008

Time is an illusion

Good morning blogosphere!
Or is that good night? It does get so hard to tell.

I went to bed last night knowing that, being back at home after a looong and gorgeous cantabrian holiday, I would need to get up the next morning to do the animals. Leaving them locked in the dark and starving until my usual getting up time of midday is considered bad form, so, I told myself that I had darned well better get to bed at a semi-decent hour and get my sleeping patterns back in order!

Then I found some ever so helpful and considerate suggestions from YouTube that distracted me for a teensy while. Then I found the whole of the BBC miniseries 'Casanova' on YouTube. It's awesome. Really awesome. In fact it's 172 minutes of awsome. That's some quite time-consuming awesome there.

It's now almost 5am and the sun is rising and I'm wondering whether it would really make that much difference if I just waited a little while then did the animals before going to sleep.

So I shall bid good morning to you and a variety of chickens, turkeys and pigeons, and then go to sleep. Good night!

Friday, 30 May 2008

My deep and meaningful learning experience...

Carrying on with the theme of scrubs-esque titles, here are some of the things I have learnt over the past few days...

  • Earrings are incompatible with phones.
  • Perennial allergic rhinitis is nothing to do with rhinos.
  • When it is a sunny morning and you leave your cardigan at home it WILL rain.
  • There is road called Strawberry Mead at which there is a house no. 64 and I would like to live there.
  • The backs of stickers are good places for secrets.
  • The third musketeer was Athos.
  • Never stick matches in your ear - even if you have an annoying itch.
  • Not giving your temps their own log-ins is very annoying.
  • The time before lunch is infinite.
  • You can do anything with google.
  • I can sing.
  • "Aaaaaadriiiic!" sounds a bit like "Baaaaldriiiick!" but the two phrases have very different meanings.

Monday, 26 May 2008

My first day...

Summary: Data validation is very dull.

Summary: The search function is irritatingly slow. And people have funny names.

Summary: I love Doctor Mac. Susan doesn't count.
Summary: I have post-exam plans. :D
Important Translation: "Work shmurk. Bookshop Wookshop. Q. Is Dunni Bernard or Manny?

Important Bit of the above: What did we spend most of the time filming House actually doing? Right - walking down corridors.
Important Quesitons: Does persepctive have to be the same for all the cubes? Are the cubes floating in space? Are they borg cubes? What is the optimal cube density?
Summary of important points: Instead of writing actual blog post I'll just scan in bored ramblings. Better off drawing cubes. Brigadier not in Peru. Resting my eyes.

P.S. Points for translating bored <-ART

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Steven Moffat Is My Master Now

Antimini (squealing loudly): " Omigodomiodomigodohmygod!"
Family and randoms: "Huh?"
Antimini (rapidly in high pitched voice): "I have some amazing news! Omigod! It's so exciting! Well you might not get it but trust me it's awesome!"
Family (vaugely concerned): "What?"
Antimini (patiently): "Do you remember me talking about Steven Moffat?"
Aunty Tammy: "Steven Moffet sat on a Tuffet?"
Antimini (less pateintly): "No! Steven Moffat! He wrote the empty child and the doctor's daughter, I mean no not the doctor's daughter the doctor dances and the girl in the fireplace and blink! He won a bafta for blink!"
Mother: *has no clue what's going on*
Aunty Tammy: "The girl in the fireplace - that's doctor who..."
Antimini: "Yes! Yes see and he wrote loads of awesome ones! And now guess what!"
Family (losing interest in incoherence): "What are you talking about?"
Antimini (climactically): "He's going to be lead writer and series executive producer now instead of Russel T Davies!"
Mother (pretending to be interested): "Who's Russelteydavies?"
Antimini (losing steam): "The current lead writer and executive producer!"
Mother: "What are we talking about?"
Antimini: "DOCTOR WHO!"

OK so all you plebs out there do not appreciate the wonder that is Steven Moffat but you will benefit none-the-less because this series is gonna be frickin incredible! And thanks to Adam for drawing my attention to it with some well chosen expletives.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

An excuse for a blog post...

An update courtesy of Fiona's wall, just to let you know the awesomeness of my life. Those of you who are in the middle of e-term probably won't sympathise with the dullness. Oh, may I live in interesting times...

Today I have....
got a job while wearing my silky purple dressing gown,
watered the plants,
realised my bonferroni corrections were erroneous,
failed to throw a dead turkey chick over a fence (it sort of hit some branches on the way. Also I'm crap at throwing. I'm sure no-one will notice),
facebook stalked pictures of my brother having a mental time at crazy drug-fueled 17-yr-old parties and apparently getting off with a fit opera singer (my life sucks),
made omelette (except it turned out to just be scrambled egg - how do you get it to stick together?),
finally got dressed in the afternoon,
done some more work on my paper (blooming orangutans, oh when will you leave me alone?!).

And tomorrow I might...
nah, I have nothing.

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Antimini is temporarily unavailable - please check your connection or try again later.

Don’t mind me, I’m just
staying inside my head today.
I’m still here!
I’m just not out there.
It’s easy to run and hide.
Hide away by myself,
with myself,
inside myself :)
Avoid eye contact.
Your outside can run on autopilot!
Don’t forget though,
to put just enough effort in
to sound normal.
Enough to avoid questions
or offence;
but hey don’t worry too much about it -
after all inside your head it doesn’t matter!
Easiest to avoid people perhaps.
Make a quick retreat from any attempt at interaction:
a weak smile, look away,
run away.
You can do what you want inside your head!
And be what you want
and they’ll never know you’re crazy.
Except that you know they notice.
But hey, frell them.
Inside your head it doesn’t matter what people think.
That’s why you’re there!
Better that way.
Always easy to run and hide,
it never really works.

Friday, 29 February 2008

The Exciting World of Unlikely Science

It has been quite an eventful week.
I have written about how the only way to prevent the earth being swallowed up by the sun is to hitch a ride on a comet, how scientists used interpretive dance to describe their PhDs, how the release of 'natural gases' could have helped end the last ice age and described some awesomely ridiculous urban legends.
I have co-hosted a virtual music festival for science geeks.
I have written articles for the Telegraph and for a book.
I have seen David Attenborough in the flesh. I mean like real. Like right there. All with the book signing. We all went and stood in his great presence all with the worshipping. Then we went to have lunch.

My point is that you should all go to and bask in the geeky humour and procrastination joy that is The Journal of Unlikely Science.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Right, so who wants to pay me for having updated my blog?

I feel somewhat of a hypocrite as I curse the lack of new activity on Sparkie's junkyard and P2006 while knowing that I have posted nothing here. Although not as much of one as Adam trying to complain at me while studiosly ignoring a site he set up half a degree ago!

Anyway, I though posting randomness might assuage some of that guilt. And inform those of you other than the six people I am currently with what's going on in the ever-thrilling world of Antimini.

You know this see-the-world, seek-adventure thing isn't all it's cracked up to be. So why not try staying at home and being a normal person? You know - live with parents, get job, live dull pointless and importantly stress-free existence for a while - sounds fun huh? Turns out I've made some wrong decisions in my life for that. Oddly enough, none of the jobs for temp work in my area say "Requirements: Good Science Degree from Top University." What's wrong with these people? Apparently previous experience is more what they're after. In fact that's all they're after. Why did I spend all that time studying when I could have been doing crappy jobs? What an idiot!

I go into the job centre and a man who doesn't care looks at a sheet I give him and says "Ok, good you're looking for jobs. Sign here please." And I want to say - 'Excuse me, I think I'm in the wrong place. I went to Cambridge. Cambridge? Can I have a job now please?'

In Cambridge at the mo. No jobs here either, but never mind. I realise that when (if) I do manage to get some minimum wage employment I will no longer be able to bugger off to see my friends for a week. And where's the fun in that?

Maybe I'll just enjoy being a waster and sponging off the government a leetle bit longer while lying in and laughing at my friends who have to go off to lectures. Unemployment ain't so bad! :D