Friday, 29 February 2008

The Exciting World of Unlikely Science

It has been quite an eventful week.
I have written about how the only way to prevent the earth being swallowed up by the sun is to hitch a ride on a comet, how scientists used interpretive dance to describe their PhDs, how the release of 'natural gases' could have helped end the last ice age and described some awesomely ridiculous urban legends.
I have co-hosted a virtual music festival for science geeks.
I have written articles for the Telegraph and for a book.
I have seen David Attenborough in the flesh. I mean like real. Like right there. All with the book signing. We all went and stood in his great presence all with the worshipping. Then we went to have lunch.

My point is that you should all go to and bask in the geeky humour and procrastination joy that is The Journal of Unlikely Science.