Friday, 15 June 2007

Return to joy

Lying on the cool grass, running around playing with a glowing frisbee in the dark, learning to swing two burning orange snakes (and whacking myself lots!), feeling love without remorse and breathing in what tastes like a bonfire and doesn't seem to have much effect. Oh yes and the seven hour old burger.
I'm writing this now because I'm happy. And this is important because the end of exams has only made me more likely to burst into tears at any moment. At some point I may burden you with this, or I may not.
I must remember the good times I'm having right now - that's important. Pimms and punting with Matt and Maya and in the end without John. Formal with my family. Films. Other things that alliterate. I'm having a good time - ok? Ok.
Why does love always hurt?
But I do. I love them all and this all and all that I've lost and am living and am losing and it's so worth it.