Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Ten Thing The New Who Generation Can Grow Up Terrified Of:

Everyone ready to hide behind your sofas? That's right, they're the creepiest, lowest budget space monsters around. Be afraid, be very afraid of...

10. Televisions
(a somewhat counter-productive phobia to introduce to potential viewers)

9. Anyone playing a brass instrument while wearing a santa suit.
(most children sensibly extend this to all father christmases)

8. Shop Window Dummies
(not just new who, this is one for all the family)

7. Fat People
(and chips. An RTD anti-obesity campaign?)

6. Christmas Trees
(they're out to get you)

5. GPS
(I always knew they couldn't be trusted)

4. Gas Masks
(all war period dramas are suddenly terrifying)

3. Blinking
(now that's just mean)

2. Water
(you just know that they were standing at the water cooler trying to come up with an original idea)

and finally, the scariest thing the doctor who scriptwriters could come up with!


1. The Dark
(and when it's sunny: argh, shadows!)