Monday, 6 June 2011

My New Bohemian Pad

So in case you didn't guess (or are Ravi) I went for Option B and last night finally moved in properly. I lugged a ridiculous amount of stuff from London and my back did not thank me for it. However once I got here it was wonderful - I've completely failed to unpack anything except the bed clothes and a toothbrush!

I arrived late on Sunday and pestered the lovely Craig until he told me how to make the internet work, how to walk to the BBC offices and lent me a dust cloth since the landlord had not unexpectedly failed to clean the room. He also gave me chocolate which contributed significantly to the happiness.

This morning I woke up, discovered that we have a cat (It's very beautiful. I like cats. Just not in a look-at-this-cute-youtube-clip-of-a-kitten-!-! way), checked out the kitchen facilities and set off for work! This mostly involves walking right through Moss Side but, er, don't tell Angie. ¬_¬

This house is amazing. It's got wooden floors, except for on the stairs where the worn edges of the carpet are covered over with gaffa tape, the hall is impractically thin but adorned with various bits of art, postcards and letters, the desk lamp in my room is broken and the bedroom lamp is hanging by the wires from the wall, the curtains are thin so I've hung a spare duvet I found across them, the blind for the skylight above the bed is sellotaped to the wall, there're no drawers in my room, I'm sleeping under the eaves with an old TV and there's a note written directly onto the wall in the kitchen that says "Select object. Look for use for object. If no use can be found, object is art."

In short, I love this house!