Friday, 27 April 2007

Things going along

Work is pretty much going great. I say great coz even one 7 hour day is an amazing achievement for me (and numerous 6 hour ones are excellent!) and I have it all planned out and I have motivation and I have confidence that I can do it.
So I should be pretty happy at the moment, right?
I thought I was. So why do things keep getting me down?
Silly things people do make me upset and I don't know why. We're still hanging out in the evenings some, and there's work/library-bonding to some extent, but I somehow feel more lonely than I did over the whole of Easter when there was no-one here.
I think I'm being melodramatic. A few little arguments, that's all. It's just I'm having trouble getting over a sudden feeling of mopeyness coz none of them quite got resolved. Because I was being oversensitive and there was nothing to resolve!
So. Work. Watch. Eat. Sleep.
Maybe this'll all be better once these project deadlines are outta the way. Oh wait - no, then there's the E word, it must have slipped my mind! And then there's fun, but then after fun there's always next year. Damnit - have to enjoy mayweek. Absolutely must. But try and keep things up now too.
Oh god emotional rants. And cryptic ones at that. Why didn't I write this in my diary? I should know. Damnit. This is all screwey.
However luckily none of it matters so it's all good. Good!

Saturday, 7 April 2007

I want to jump.

Yay new song! I went to the piano room the other day (due to boredom and waster-day-ness) and ended up staying for 2 and a half hours and randomly writing a song - woo! It ain't that hard once you have a line.

One day I'll jump

I sit. I watch. I wonder why.
I stare into a square of sky.
And when I'm gazing out the window on the brink,
Sometimes I get this feeling, suddenly I think

I want to jump!
Just to see if I could fly
I want to leap!
Even though we're two floors high.
and if I fell, well then I'd know,
But if I soared, think where I could go!

Fly away from here,
Straight into the clear blue sky.
No looking back, on where I've been,
No peeling walls to hold me in.

I wait. Each day, the same, each night.
I wonder if one day, I might...
And when I'm standing at the window wanting more,
Sometimes I wonder, What am I waiting for?

I want to jump! Just to see if I could fly,
I want to jump right out this window, right into that patch of sky.
I want to go, into the blue, into the night,
and then I'll know - what wonders lie just out of sight,

One day I'll jump! Just because I have to know,
One day I'll jump. 'Coz there's no other way to go.
But until then, I'll be OK,
'coz I know anytime I want to
I can fly away!

Fly away from here.
Fly into the clear blue sky.

One day I'll fly.